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HL92 50C5: Pentode Power/Output : HL94 30A5: Pentode Beam Power Tube HY90: Half-Wave Rectifier Power-supply IR5: J130: JAN CAHG 866A: Half-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier Power-supply (1924) 829: Double Beam Power Tube: 866A VT46A: Half-Wave Mercury-Vapor Rectifier : Ken Rad 80: KTW63: Marconi B7: TRIODE (Detail uncertain) Europe 4-Pin : 0A2 CV1832

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The 50C5 is a miniature beam pentode primarily designed for use in the audio-frequency power-output stage of radio receivers. The tube features high poewr sensitivity and high efficiency at relatively low plate and screen voltages normally available in this application.

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The 50B5 vacuum tube. The 50C5 beam-power tetrode tube was preceded by. functionally equivalent type: 50B5 (different pinout) The reason for the issue of the 50C5 and the. "forced obsolescence" of the 50B5 is explained below. Reference. A bit of trivia, the 50B5 shares same base connection as the 6AQ5.
ECC91 6J6 Page 13 Milliard Type Direct Other Equivalents Equivalent ECC804 6/30L2/ 6GA8, 6/30L2, B729 ECC804 ECF80 ECF80 6BL8, 6C16 ECF82 ECF82 6U8 ECF804 ECH2 * — ECH3 ECH3 — ECH4 * ECH2I ECH2I X143 fCCH35 ECH33 J. (a.c./d.c.) — LECH 35 (a.c.) — ECH35 ECH35 OMIO, X6IM, X147 — ECH41 ECH42 ECH42 XI 50, 6C10, 6CU7, 62TH ECH8I ECH81 X719 ...
Most toroids have the equivalent of a very limited gap so push-pull is where they are best but some have significant binder thickness that translates into a larger gap and these are suitable for single-ended use. The 50C5 has a relatively low output impedance and will take a 2500 ohm output transformer, but a triode output should be lower.
3 Tubes : - 35W4 Rectifier Tube - 50C5 Power Tube-12AX7 Preamp tube 3 entrées instruments 2 Contrôles : tonalité et de volume 1 Haut parleur de 6.5po de marque RSC (Radio speaker of Canada) Jensen. (Haut-parleur Jensen) ***Ampli sans transformateur d'alimentation (Power Supply) et cable d'alimentation 2 brins.
electron Tube Data sheets. 5. select the first character of the tube.
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I have some vintage vacuum tube testers for sale, and are listed here on this page. Anyone who has a sizeable investment in vacuum tubes or vacuum tube hi-fi equipment owes it to themselves to have a good tube tester on hand to periodically check the tubes they are using.
Dec 26, 2009 · I think a 50C5 or 6AQ5 would be a better choice than a 6L6 tube. When I was in high school 40+ years ago I built a 1 tube code practice oscillator with a 50C5 tube. I think the circuit drawing was in the Amature Radio Handbook.
The thin glass tube envelope is 17 mm in diameter, and excluding the B7G base pins is 57 mm tall. References: Data-sheet, 3002 & 1040 . Type 35W4 was first introduced in 1946.
  • Besides, I tend to shy away from tube types whose price is inflated by "manufactured demand". (So don't expect to see a 300B design from me any time soon!) The next likely candidate was the 9U8 (9 volt @ 0.3A equivalent to the 6U8). This type of tube is commonly used in later stages, and has a solid reputation as a reliable, sturdy device.
  • 50C5 Magnavox (CBS) Vacuum Tube, Triplett 3444 tested 95% - will combine ship ... Used. US Seller. Equivalent to 7189 or an EL84. Magnavox 6BQ5 Vacuum Tube. Tested 50 ...
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  • 6v6gt tube equivalent. 12:50. What A Difference A Tube Makes! Tung Sol vs Mesa vs JJ Tubes. 6p6s 6n2p-ev 6v6gt and 12ax7 equivalent sound recorded with cellphone.
  • Excessive grid current is a major cause of failure in both tubes and I recommend 2. 125 Valve Length: Short 32-40mm Tube Compound: Butyl Valve Core: Removable Valve Shaft: Threaded. 1 a p-st9-213mx octal 2 a p-st8-808 panel meter 0-1 ma 1 m 541-msq-dma-001 inductors 1 mh rf choke 3 m 542-70f103-rc plug-in coil form 1 n npg-1 transformers ...
  • ...VGP 68 No Equivalent No Equivalent NATURELLE S4 STERN TUBE FLUID 100 No Cylinder oil cyltech CL 100 acc cyltech 70 / 80 aw cyltech 50 s No Equivalent DIESEL ENGINE OIL MARINE F 15W-40 HYDRAULIC OIL HYRANDO...
  • Found 200 records in Tubes Asylum. 1: Re: 6cg7 tube equivalent (0.00) Posted by ... I rebuilt a guitar amp that used 50C5/6AU6/35W4 and installed a cheap isolation ...
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