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Read Ushijima x Reader {Fluff} from the story Haikyuu Oneshots by Potatoonthecouch (Have a Cookie) with 7,262 reads. ushiten, haikyuuxreader, gayenergy. I am...

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2017/04/12 - I wished I could find the bigger picture of Kaneki in the egg (or womb??) TG art by Sui Ishida <3
Gold and Hazel- Kyoutani Kentarou x Reader Soulmate AU! where you can’t see colours until you physically touch your soulmate I’ve never seen the glorious colours of the rainbow, nor do I know what the colour maroon looks like.
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Kyoutani Kentarou x Reader. Muah, for Anon~ I hope this is alright, it's super messy… You know how I be moving sometimes… honestly… it's embarassing LOL Kyoutani makes me a mess and when I type, my fingers move too fast and one thing leads to another and then you're left with something like this...
Ich schnellte herum, eilte mit zur linken Seite und sprang explosiv so hoch, wie ich konnte. Kyoutani war aber eindeutig schneller und ich spürte zwar, dass das Leder meinen Ringfinger streifte, doch war er bereits knapp hinters Netz auf unsere Seite geschmettert und Eri statt zu blocken regelrecht zur Seite gesprungen.
Lemon Demon is Neil Cicierega 's second major musical project, after he moved on from Trapezoid/Deporitaz . Stylistically, Lemon Demon has differed from Deporitaz in that Lemon Demon has mostly vocal tracks, while Deporitaz had mostly (but not exclusively, in its later days) instrumentals.
So I've seen posts recently about a monster sprite which some people are calling "Lemon Demon" idk if this is for some upcoming update or if one of the devs snuck it into the files, there is a song fo.
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  • 2017/01/26 - この作品 「いつだって君が、」 は 「国影」「かきくトリオ」 等のタグがつけられた「みに」さんのイラストです。
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  • Dec 1, 2020 - Explore Tsukki Simp's board "Tsukiyama haikyuu" on Pinterest. See more ideas about tsukiyama haikyuu, haikyuu, tsukiyama.
  • Read Kyoutani HC from the story Haikyuu x reader Lemons by HamFam360 (XFandom360) with 551 reads. kuguri, haikyuuheadcannons, fukunaga. Requested by @shikamru...
  • Dec 1, 2020 - Explore Tsukki Simp's board "Tsukiyama haikyuu" on Pinterest. See more ideas about tsukiyama haikyuu, haikyuu, tsukiyama.
  • Kyoutani Kentarou x Reader. Third POV "Mad Dog-chan!" A certain captain yelled, earning the players' attention but a certain blond. Seeing that the wing spiker was not listening, the brunet walked closer and yelled louder. "MAD DOG-CHAN!" That certainly gained the blond's attention.
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