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This switch adjusts the output gain between the party-line circuitry and the 4-Wire line level circuitry depending on which type of units one is interfacing with. Auto nulling is done to achieve maximum return loss between the 4-Wire input and the 4-Wire output channels.

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Mic Mute found in: Whirlwind MICMUTE-PX Active Completely Silent Microphone Muting Box, Whirlwind MICMUTE-PP Push On/Off Audio Switch Pedal for Mic or Balanced Line, Whirlwind MICMUTE-PPD Line-Level Microphone Switcher - Latching..

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Jukebox Mute application, then activated microphones will mute or duck the STEREO 3 input. DIP SWITCH FUNCTION POSITION UP (default) DOWN 1 LEFT OUTPUT MIC/LINE Line Mic 2 RIGHT OUTPUT MIC/LINE Line Mic 3 MIC 1 DUCKING Off On 4 MIC 2 DUCKING Off On 5 DUCKING LEVEL – –20 dB 6 STEREO 3 JUKEBOX MUTE Off On 7 12 V PHANTOM Off On LINE LINE OFF ...
The 4051, 4052, 4053 are muxbidirectional switches that can switch analog or digital, even video signals. The 4051 is a1-of-8 switch, the 4052 is a 2-of-4 switch (great for stereo), and the 4053 is atriple 1-of-2 switch. Pinouts can be found by Google or any Motorola/Fairchilddata book.
From servers and mainframes to storage systems and software, IBM IT infrastructure provides the building blocks of a next-generation IT architecture.
source selection (USB-ANALOG-DIGITAL switch): 3 position toggle switch with LEDs (green) line output mute on/off switch (has no effect on headphone output) standby/power on switch - standby (red) - power on (blue) S/PDIF & USB input bypass / 192kHz upsampling: 2 position toggle switch; multi-colored LED display - MUTE (red) - NO SIGNAL (orange) - NON-PCM (pure green)
and line inputs when a cable is inserted into the Hi-Z input. ( see #3 on page 5 for more information, and see page 8 for an interconnection diagram) Step 6: If you are using a microphone or line-level input, set the front panel Input Select switch to Mic or Line. Step 7: Set the Meter switch to DRIVE (its down position). Manual conventions:
Kaitaki Preamplifier. While the Kaitaki preamplifier mates aesthetically and musically with the Plinius P10 power amplifier this exciting preamplifier is the perfect partner for the Plinius SA103 power amplifier used either as a stereo amplifier or in a monoblock configuration.
Figure 5: Unbalanced Line Level Audio for Input Output Diagrams CAT5 Cable WCA 131 To Phoenix connectors for audio or control, see Figures 7-9 for wiring. Control RS-232 TX/RX/GND CH B Line Level Audio In CH A Line Level Audio In Power In TFP 057 48VDC International Power Supply WCA 133 CAT5 Cable To Control or Audio Inputs, See Figures 3-5 for ...
- Line in connected to right channel of Teensy Audio Adaptor stereo input (left side is used by receiver audio). - USB audio input from PC. Whenever the Mic PTT goes active, I switch the audio to the mic input, and use that. Whenever the rear panel (line) PTT goes active, I use the right channel audio input for the transmit audio.
In particular, the mute mode can prevent audio from being output along audio output routes that do not include volume control (e.g., line out and A2DP) by setting the output volume to 0 (and not a line level volume), unlike the silent mode.
  • Mic Level is the lowest signal level. This travels through an XLR connection and requires a preamp boost the mic level to 'Line Level'. This should be used whenever using a microphone with your interface. Line Level is the highest signal level which travels through a TRS connection. This is the standard type of signal and should be used when ...
  • The IntelliTools IT-VCM is a stereo or mono line level volume control module. The IT-VCM accepts a balanced or unbalanced stereo audio line level source and provides a balanced stereo output. The module is able to sum the stereo inputs to mono. An input gain switch can be set to boost the low audio level of consumer equipment to professional ...
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  • 3 position lock switch with manual mode. Removable quick link bracket. 1/4-in 20 thread mount (for Tri-pod use) Touch pad control panel. Over molded housing. Includes red 3-spot laser level, a bracket, batteries and a protective pouch
  • switch, change its setting only when necessary (e.g., when traveling to a country or region with a different voltage). Selecting an improper voltage setting can damage the unit. **WARNING: Channels 1-4 each have mic level and line level inputs. Attach either a microphone or a 1/4” cable to the mic/line channel, but do not attach both cables ...
  • #1: Basic examples. SoundSet, 50 ; Set the master volume to 50% SoundSet +10 ; Increase master volume by 10% SoundSet -10 ; Decrease master volume by 10% SoundSet, 1, Microphone, mute ; mute the microphone SoundSet, +1, , mute ; Toggle the master mute (set it to the opposite state) SoundSet, +20, Master, bass ; Increase bass level by 20%. if ErrorLevel MsgBox, The BASS setting is not supported ...
  • Line-Level Microphone Switcher - Latching On and Off Desktop The Whirlwind Micmute boxes offer passive switching solutions for controlling the on and off conditions of a microphone or balanced line signal via footswitch or finger switch operation. Each box has a female XLR input and a male XLR output jack.
  • Oct 03, 2019 · Muting is as simple as shorting the signal (connect XLR pin 2 - 3, or 1/4 inch Tip to Ring) That takes only a single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switch for each channel. DPST for stereo. Making a mono switch isn't quite as straightforward.
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