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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL PRODUCTS!!!! Including the GARAGE SALE page... Thank you for visiting our website! We look forward to helping you with your current and future builds. We have a revolving barrel account with Wilson Arms and try to offer the end shooter a wide selection of barrels in various calibers, contours and twist rates. We might be a small shop but we are a ONE STOP SHOP. We can ...
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I've already changed barrels on both my PTA's a number of times. I've always used the front action hole which required removal of the front scope mount. since both my actions have the 3.44" bolt spacing, one left port and one dual port, I wonder if it's detrimental to use the middle action hole to mount the wrench.
Criterion manufactured Savage pre-fit barrels are available through Northland Shooters Supply (NSS). Each Criterion pre-fit barrel features a hand lapped bore and extreme tolerance requirements. Utilizing the Savage barrel nut design, these barrels can be swapped in less than 15 minutes and are capable of national record-setting performance.
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You can get a Rem/Age barrel from NSS. Instead of having to shoulder and headspace it includes a Savage-style barrel nut. Now you can rebarrel your 700 at home. My ARC Nucleus is Savage threaded but I can rebarrel with a single hex key on the BarLoc system.
Pre-Fit Barrels. One major advantage to Savage is the ability to change your barrel (and also the WARNING: The only way to be sure which size shank you have is to remove the barrel from the...
This video covers the details of how I install Savage 110-style barrels and includes information I haven't seen in other videos. It's detailed but well...
  • Savage Arms was founded in 1894 in Utica, New York. Today the company produces a wide variety of firearms and has a reputation for producing accurate, inexpensive rifles. Some of their recent success can be attributed to their development in 2002 of a factory-installed, safe, user-adjustable trigger, called the
  • May 22, 2017 · Savage varmint contoured blank in 10T and 5R chambered with a Mk-13 reamer. First 5 shots out of the barrel went under a .5” as did the rest of the recipes I worked up with for the 208 ELD-M. Xterminator brake tames the WinMag recoil like a champ as well. But with confidence, all of my future barrel purchases will be here.
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  • The Zermatt Arms rear-entry action wrench is a high quality, versatile tool. The wrench is ideal for a Bighorn action with a slot in one side that allows the wrench to work without disassembly. This wrench is also compatible with Remington 700 actions as well as Savage actions.
  • Whether you are looking for boat trailer parts or other trailer parts, you will get a great deal at Boating and RV. Upgrade or repair you trailer with submersible trailer lights, trailer brackets, trailer winch, hitches and couplings or get your boat back on the trailer more easily with boat rollers and and boat trailer guides.
  • HEY! welcome to the video I was inspired to make this video because in my own journey of trying to find an in-depth video on how to do this exact thing I was...
  • Jun 01, 2020 · The package from Northland Shooter's Supply is the only one that has made it so far from last week's batch, but it contained the essentials to start work on rebuilding my 111--which I decided to rebarrel with a 280 Ackley Improved match barrel made by Criterion. I also ordered NSS's action wrench--essential for getting a savage barrel off that ...
  • Dec 15, 2020 · ARS are becoming increasingly popular for hog hunting. Buy AR-15 Rifles Here. Coming in numerous shooting platforms with the ability for high capacity magazines and easy riggings for night vision and thermal scopes, ARS make a […]
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