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Exclusions are regulated by the Guidelines for the observation and exclusion of companies from the Government Pension Fund Global, adopted by the Ministry of Finance on 18 December 2014. The following alphabetical overview shows companies that are currently excluded or under observation. Latest update: 13 May 2020.

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Optum, the fast growing part of UnitedHealth Group, is a leading information and technology-enabled health services business. Optum maintains operations across North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Our innovative partnerships provide technology and tools...

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Fusion at Optum. Fusion is an accelerator, empowering teams across UHG. We empower teams to define a bold vision, get in the mind of users, and deliver products and experiences to market, faster.
Jul 01, 2020 · The brand-name medications below are excluded on the formulary. These brand-name medications have been identified as having available generic equivalents covered at Tier 1 on the formulary. Speak with your pharmacist to have your excluded brand-name medication substituted with its generic equivalent.
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HEDIS and COVID-19 (Posted March 13, 2020) Medication List Directory (NDC codes) (Updated March 6, 2020) Note: Available for free order in the NCQA Store. Once ordered, the Medication List Directory will be made available under the My Downloads section in My.NCQA. HEDIS 2020 Measure Trending Determinations (Posted February 10, 2020)
Tufts Health Plan Announces First Quarter 2020 Financial Results Tufts Health Plan today reported an adjusted net loss of $36.7 million for the first quarter ended March 31, 2020 May 15, 2020
If you trust a file, file type, folder, or a process that Windows Security has detected as malicious, you can stop Windows Security from alerting you or blocking the program by adding the file to the exclusions list. Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection.
HealthSafe ID ®: One username, one password. What is HealthSafe ID? HealthSafe ID is our new sign-in that gives you access to your benefits with the ease of one username and password.
Blue Cross Clinical Drug List - December 2020 Table of contents Blue Cross Clinical Drug List (Formulary) introduction 6 How to read the Blue Cross Clinical Drug List 12 Anti-infectives 1A Antifungals 14 1B Antimalarials 14 1C Antiparasitics and antihelmintics 15 1D Antiretrovirals 16 1E Antituberculars 17 1F Antivirals 18 1G Cephalosporins 18 ...
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  • Jan 1, 2021 Premium Formulary Exclusions. excluded drugs. Therapeutic Category Excluded Medications Preferred Alternatives ALLERGIC REACTIONS. Anaphylaxis Treatment Auvi-Q (0.15mg, 0.3mg) epinephrine injection (0.15mg, 0.3mg) ANALGESICS. Non-Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory Agents Oral Cambia, Zipsor, Zorvolex celecoxib, diflunisal, etodolac, flurbiprofen, ibuprofen, indomethacin, ketoprofen, ketorolac, meclofenamate, meloxicam, nabumetone, naproxen, oxaprozin, piroxicam, sulindac, tolmetin ...
  • BCBSKS prescription drug benefits may include access to retail, mail delivery and specialty pharmacies. Learn how BCBSKS meets your prescription drug needs.
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  • PLEASE NOTE: Because prescription drug programs vary by group, the inclusion of a drug in this formulary does not imply coverage. This formulary is subject to change throughout the year and plan exclusions may override this list. Benefit designs may vary with respect to drug coverage, quantity limits, days supply and prior authorization.
  • Optum Public Crisis Line: Our toll-free emotional support help line at (866) 342-6892 is free of charge and available to anyone, so you can share it with family and friends. Caring professionals will connect people to resources.
  • Under Virus & threat protection settings, select Manage settings, and then under Exclusions, select Add or remove Select Add an exclusion, and then select from files, folders, file types, or process. A folder exclusion will apply to all subfolders within the...
  • Feb 04, 2019 · Ajovy moved Friday from excluded to nonpreferred on OptumRx’s National Commercial Formularies and continued on the nonpreferred tier for Optum Select and Optum CTRX Select Formularies ...
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