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They are peaceful, but territorial towards other bristlenose catfish (and occasionally other bottom dwellers), so provide them with plenty of bogwood to rest on if you have several. Size: 5-7 inches (15 cm)

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Aug 24, 2011 · One of the easiest ways of getting a breeding pair is to purchase a group of small Bristlenose Plecos and let them form their own pairs. You can for instance get 4-6, roughly 1 inch long, young ones and raise them in the same aquarium.

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#6 — Super Red Bristlenose Pleco. The super red bristlenose is a selectively bred variant, same as the green and the blue-eyed types, mainly derived from the naturally occurring red busy nose. Please note that the species are not exactly red in color. Instead, they show an orange coloration close to, but more brilliant than an albino nose pleco.
Ancistrus sp. L255 - Spotted medusa pleco Bristlenose Size is up to 15 cm (male), 12 cm (female), Avg life 12 yrs A profile of Spotted medusa pleco (Ancistrus sp. L255) A page that offers tips on raising and breeding Spotted medusa pleco's along with dietary needs of this specie. The article also contains links to other catfish.
An adult Bushy nose may grow to be no longer than 5 inches in length which is perfect for an aquarium that is 20 gallons or more. A pleco’s fins are designed to be able to lock at an extended position as a defense mechanism. Extended fins cause them to get stuck in the predator’s throat making it very hard to swallow.
Pleco: Bushynose Super Red Sm $ 29.99 Pleco: Bushynose Lemon Blue Eye 1-1.5" $ 26.99 Pleco: Bushynose Calico 1.5" $ 11.99
Plec / pleco catfish (suckermouth catfish), L-number plecs. L-Number Plecs Suckermouth Catfish. Current Stock for sale, updated 5th November 2020. Below is a list of plec/pleco (suckermouth catfish) we have for sale (see separate list for other Catfish) - however, due to our quick stock turnover, we still recommend phoning/emailing first if you will be travelling to visit us for a certain species!
Super red longfin bristlenose pair or youngsters: 103. Female longfin bristlenose pleco (lemon, albino, super red, calico) 04/11/19: No: Hi there, Looking for female longfin bristlenose pleco (lemon, albino, super red, calico) in and around London. Could potentially also be interested in the shortfin version as long as it is adult size.
Albino Bristlenose Pleco Florida Sml $ 8.48 Pleco - Blue Eye $ 1,064.99 Pleco - Orange Seam L-106 $ 23.99
Bristlenose Plecos are fairly popular among fishkeepers because of their smaller size. They grow to be about 4 inches, so they can be kept in smaller aquariums in comparison to other types of plecos. They can be found in the Country Suriname, located in the basins of several Suriname rivers including the Saramacca River, Suriname River and ...
The Albino Gold Bushy Nose Plecostomus, also known as the Yellow-Ancistrus, comes from the Amazon Basin of South America. The Albino Long Fin Plecostomus comes from the rivers and tributaries of Paraguay. They are pale in coloration with very long flowing fins. Like other albino fish, these plecos have the signature red eyes.
  • The Bristlenose Pleco will be absolutely fine in a 30 gallon tank, but because of their size, and the amount of food that they consume, they do produce a large amount of waste. If your Pleco is sharing the tank with a bunch of other fish, then it’s recommended that you either house them in something a little bit bigger, or you invest in a top ...
  • Bristlenose pleco: care, size, tank mates, breeding, lifespan 3256: pin. ... For Sale Super Red Ancistrus - Bristlenose Pleco - plecoplanet Forums
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  • L144 pleco Long Fin Red eyed albino, Ancistrus Approx 5-6cm. The terms Plecostomus, Plecos, and Algae Eater, on the other hand, have become generic labels in the aquarium trade industry. 00 Zebra Otocinclus. Average Adult Fish Size: 4. adults where as low as $225 but the prices been inching their way back up.
  • The very common Trinidad Pleco/Common Pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) grows close to two feet in length. As with any other tank residents, choose plecos carefully with respect to their size, behavior and diet.
  • Albino Longfin Bristlenose Pleco. Sold Out View. Albino OB Peacock. From $7.99 View. Albino Red Empress Hap. From $9.99 ... Albino Super Red Peacock. From $8.99
  • Lake Victoria and Other East Africa : Astatotilapia latifasciata Lake Kyoga ''Zebra'' 1.5-2''
  • Red Bristlenose Pleco Florida REGULAR Ancistrus sp. Super Red There are no reviews for this product. Write a Review × ×
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