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Symantec Endpoint Protection, developed by Broadcom Inc., is a security software suite that consists of anti-malware, intrusion prevention and firewall features for server and desktop computers. It has the largest market-share of any product for endpoint security.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.x clients can no longer get updated content from Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. To continue to protect and get the best security possible for 11.x client computers, you should upgrade your clients from version 11.x to 14.

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Feb 17, 2014 · When I ran the batch file but didn’t get a changed password I looked though the logs at Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\tomcat\logs and notice a few of the logs were saying it couldn’t find dbjdbc16 or something like that.
The following browsers are supported for web console access to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and for viewing the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Help: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Mozilla Firefox 5.x through 50.x (MP7), through 53.x (MP8), through 55.x (MP9)
How to install Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager version 12.1.6 Hướng dẫn cài đặt Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager phiên bản 12.1.6
Oct 04, 2016 · Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) adds support for Windows 10 with 12.1.6 MP1. For Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1, a maintenance patch has been released on July 29, 2015. Customers will need to be current on maintenance to receive the maintenance patch update. For more information, visit our SEP 12.1 Windows 10 Knowledge Base.
Symantec Endpoint Protectionを12.1.1から12.1.2にアップデートする際に「インストールを完了する前に中断されました」と出て失敗しました。インストールの最後にrolling back the installなどと表示されました。
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Date Alert Description; 7.8: 2020-05-11: CVE-2020-5837: Symantec Endpoint Protection, prior to 14.3, may not respect file permissions when writing to log files that are replaced by symbolic links, which can lead to a potential elevation of privilege.
This is a sample log from a Symantec Endpoint Protection device: Jan 01 01:01:01 [] Jan 01 01:01:01 SymantecServer servername:,Category: 1,Symantec AntiVirus,Symantec Endpoint Protection services startup was successful. Field mapping. This table shows the mapping between the data source and McAfee ESM fields.
Symantec Endpoint Protection gives you security for every endpoint on premises and in the cloud. While your employees rely on mobile devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, you can leverage cloud-based analytics and multilayered threat protection to ensure security and compliance.
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  • Symantec Endpoint Protection is designed to address these challenges with a layered approach to security at the endpoint. It goes beyond traditional antivirus to include firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and advanced protection technologies powered by the worlds largest civilian threat...
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  • Để tăng thêm tính năng bảo vệ, Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 cung cấp việc quản lý các chính sách bảo vệ chi tiết, bao gồm: + Application Control : Cho phép người dùng điều khiển việc thực thi các tập tin, các truy cập tập tin regestry.
  • - Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0-MP1 未満 / Symantec Endpoint Protection lower than 14.0-MP1. なお、Mac版の Symantec Endpoint Protection Client 12 は今回更新はなく、12.1-RU6-MP6が最新版です。 / The client for Mac does not update for this release, and remains at 12.1.6 MP6. 対策 / Solution Symantec Endpoint Protection ...
  • Dec 06, 2011 · Hi there - this is Piero from Symantec. New in SEP 12.1 - New Protection Technologies. Insight and SONAR. Insight is Symantec's reputation technology which leverages info from 200M+ systems and 3.1B files to determine whether downloaded content is good or bad. This is particularily helpful for protection against new or mutating threats.
  • To that end, we are announcing that all customers running Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEP Cloud) or Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (SEP SBE) <redacted line about commercials> . They will need to fully transition to SES prior to November 2, 2020 or your customers’ devices will no longer be protected.
  • Jun 29, 2016 · Version(s): 12.1.6 MP4 and prior: Description: Multiple vulnerabilities were reported in Symantec Endpoint Protection and other Symantec products. A remote user can execute arbitrary code on the target system.
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