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set via the client.conf file or CUPS_SERVER environment variable * HTTP headers were not buffered * Some IPP printers (HP) did not like UTF-8 job names * The CUPS desktop icon is now localized for Polish * Printer options were not always honored when printing * The openssl command would lock up the scheduler when generating

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Bug fixes * Reset "received ping" counter for Status-Server checks. In some corner cases it was not getting reset. * Handle large VMPS attributes. * Count accounting responses from a home server in SNMP / statistics code. * Set EAP-Session-Resumed = Yes, not "No" when session is resumed.
Jan 15 22:10:25 vmkernel: 0:00:01:30.282 cpu0:4767)WARNING: NFS: 946: MOUNT RPC failed with RPC status 13 (RPC was aborted due to timeout) trying to mount Server ( Path (/nfs/Iomega) I was able to connect to the NFS Iomega export from regular linux machine. I was also able to connect the ESX server to regular linux NFS export.
Description: The nvUpdatusService service was unable to log on as .\UpdatusUser with the currently configured password due to the following error: Logon failure: account currently disabled.
Manage > Remove Roles and Features > Server Roles > File and Storage Services > File and iSCSI Services > Server for NFS You must reboot afterwards in order for it to work.
It turns out he was running Microsoft Services for NFS in on his VEEAM server, and when VEEAM was telling the host to mount from the VEEAM server, it would try to mount from the MS NFS services.
OBSOLETE Patch-ID# 149896-01 NOTE: *********************************************************************** Your use of the firmware, software and any other materials ...
2016-04-11T22:58:22.699Z cpu1:33971 opID=9417ea08)NFS: 168: NFS mount failed: Unable to connect to NFS server. ping vmkping From the ESXi host, run the basic ping and vmkpings to the NFS share server.
Network test - Change the test execution mode to sequential 6887243 Installation of SunVTS main packages partially failed (from 142139-01) (PS6) 6678509 vtstty - can't be stopped the tests in a short time 6790898 dtlbtest: mmap fails to allocate memmory on Sun Fire X4100 booted with Xen 6801666 iobus.cfg settings are not applied to test across ...
An administrator wants to upgrade to vCenter Server 6.x. The vCenter Server: Is hosted on a virtual machine server running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, with 8 vCPUs and 16GB RAM. Will have an embedded Platform Services Controller. Hosts a Large Environment with 1,000 ESXi hosts and 10,000 Virtual Machines.
  • Ensure the NFS server supports NFSv3 over TCP. ESX/ESXi does not use UDP for NFS. The NFS server must be accessible in read-write mode by all ESX/ESXi hosts. The NFS server must allow read-write access for the root system account (rw). The NFS export must be set for either no_root_squash or chmod 1777 .
  • Classify the following as applying to simple diffusion facilitated diffusion or active transport.
  • If you are unable to access the site because your computer doesn't seem to be able to 'find' the site (the ftp program returns 'invalid host' or 'unable to resolve hostname' or some similar errormessage), try one of the following ways to see if the name of the site is known: (information partly by [email protected] (David Rosen) from the Emacs FAQ)
  • set to 1 if you don’t want cowsay support or export ANSIBLE_NOCOWS=1 nocows = 1 set which cowsay stencil you’d like to use by default. When set to ‘random’, a random stencil will be selected for each task. The selection will be filtered against the cow_whitelist option below. cow_selection = default cow_selection = random
  • IE then checks the server's permissions on the new page. The vulnerability makes it possible for a Web server to open a browser window to a file stored on the IE user's computer, and then switch to a page in the server's domain, gaining access to the contents of the user's files in the process, Microsoft says in a statement.
  • /proc # lsmod Module Size Used by ip6t_REJECT 4176 0 - Live 0x863aa000 ip6table_filter 2256 1 - Live 0x87bd5000 ip6_tables 12448 1 ip6table_filter, Live 0x8639c000 usb_storage 55408 0 - Live 0x86360000 ath_pktlog 18000 0 - Live 0x86248000 (P) umac 1633312 1 ath_pktlog, Live 0x86000000 ath_dev 248592 2 ath_pktlog,umac, Live 0x868c0000 (P) ath_dfs 59792 1 umac, Live 0x86ab0000 (P) ath_spectral ...
  • Set Network Access Permission with PowerShell natively! Cannot complete the configuration of the vSphere HA agent on the host. Misconfiguration in the host setup. Recent Comments. Alex on Set Network Access Permission with PowerShell natively! Garrett on Set Network Access Permission with PowerShell natively!
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