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PyInstaller’s main advantages over similar tools are that PyInstaller works with Python 3.5—3.7, it builds smaller executables thanks to transparent compression, it is fully multi-platform, and use the OS support to load the dynamic libraries, thus ensuring full compatibility.

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Feb 07, 2019 · And now we’re going to the graphical part. To do this we need VcXsrv. VcXsrv is a Windows X-server based on the xorg git sources (like xming or cygwin’s xwin).

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Xming is een X window server voor MS Windows, wat betekent dat daarmee graphische applicaties gebruikt kunnen worden op een Linux systeem, die hun uitvoer laten zien op het scherm van een MS-Windows PC. Xming is geïnstalleerd op de C&CZ Windows beheerde werkplek met Windows 7, in plaats van de eerder gebruikte X-win32 software.
[ubuntu] opengl application faults using putty/xming Started by kbm1008 , April 15th, 2009 04:49 PM opengl, putty, xming
Sep 29, 2017 · Xming; I went with VcXSrv since it looked like it was more actively maintained, but I tried both and they work the same. After installing, VcXsrv creates a desktop shortcut to start the server in multi-window mode through the following command:
What is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)? Window Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is an optional feature of Windows 10. It enables running unmodified Linux binaries in Windows without creating a virtual machine.
[-] boluti 3 points4 points5 points 7 years ago (0 children). yep, i need it occasionally for work to install 3rd party applications. I use Xming and putty.
Introduction. The X protocol C-language Binding (XCB) is a replacement for Xlib featuring a small footprint, latency hiding, direct access to the protocol, improved threading support, and extensibility.
Apr 16, 2020 · Xming – Wikipedia. Besides an updated logo, it also has some other side-effects. BenVoigt I don’t know much about Xming but it seems to be mostly one man show, so he can relicense later versions to anything he wants. Their absence is not really significant, and most users don’t need to install ‘Tools and clients’ anyway.
Nov 01, 2020 · The intent is to be platform independent and the same code runs on multiple platforms without change and producing results with only minor variations. Icon and Unicon graphics are implemented in X-Windows as well as MS-Windows and others. There are additional 3D graphics capabilities implemented using opengl. procedure main ()
Xming provides the X Window System display server, a set of traditional sample X applications and tools, as well as a set of fonts. It features support of several languages and has Mesa 3D, OpenGL, and GLX 3D graphics extensions capabilities. The Xming X server is based on Cygwin/X, the X.Org Server.
  • Clone xming of version Contribute to talregev/Xming development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • Jun 20, 2020 · 2. Update the repository cache. If this is the first time you are using your system after installing, you should run the update command: sudo apt update
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  • Enable the GLX extension to use the native Windows WGL interface for hardware-accelerated OpenGL-swrastwgl: Enable the GLX extension to use the native Windows WGL interface based on the swrast interface for accelerated OpenGL-[no]winkill: Alt+F4 exits the X Server.-xkblayout XKBLayout: Equivalent to XKBLayout in XF86Config files.
  • glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version". You will get the output as follows You may have better luck with modern OpenGL just grepping for "version" instead of "OpenGL version" given the differences...
  • Learn how to install Linux distributions on your Windows 10 machine, with a Bash terminal, including Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, Kali, Fedora, Pengwin, and Alpine.
  • OpenPoseはCVPR2017で発表された(その前にArXivにはありましたが)、深層学習を用いて姿勢推定を行うアルゴリズムで、最近注目がかなり高まっている姿勢推定手法です。
  • sshポートフォワード と vnc を使ってセキュアなリモートデスクトップを使ってみる では、sshのポートフォワードとvncを使ってセキュアなリモートデスクトップを扱ってみました。
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